H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) is an Intense 40 minute workout comprised of bodyweight exercises, weights, and cardio. In this class you are encouraged to push yourself with maximum effort. *Not for anyone new to working out*


Ditch the workout and join the party! Zumba is a Latin inspired dance fitness class. We incorporate moves such as merengue, mambo, salsa, rumba and cha-cha to get the ultimate cardio workout.



Piloxing is an exciting fitness program that blends the best of Pilates, Boxing, and Dance into a high energy workout! Piloxing incorporates formats such as interval and barefoot training to burn maximum calories and increase stamina.

Easy Fit

Easy Fit is a lower intensity full body work out. In 30 minutes we will incorporate all major muscle groups, stabilizing exercises, and low impact cardio.


Our step class is a fun and motivating aerobics workout. We start with 20 minutes of weights and then move into 40 minutes of a high energy step routine. We do a rotating routine, removing blocks and adding new ones throughout the year.

Bums & Tums

Bums and Tums is great for toning and firming your lower Half. For 30 minutes we will focus on your booty, inner/outer thighs, and core. If you fold this one into your regular routine you will see an amazing transformation!

Body Blast

If you want toned, sexy arms, this is the place to get them. In just 45 minutes we will use light weights to tear down the muscle just enough to get you the results you want!

Body Conditioning

Get ready for the ultimate full body burn! Body conditioning is an interval training class using free weights. In just one hour we will hit every major muscle group and work cardio in between.

Boot Camp

Boot camp is a fun and motivating interval training class. We mix traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with TRX stations, cardio, and strength training. Each class is a little different but every time you will get worked!